This is a wonderful way to make music! I plan to keep recording, both alone and collaborating. It's opened a door onto a new world of music making and music publishing for me.

Next I would like to collaborate with friends, spread around the world, by bringing my set up, song and headphones to get their track right there, on the spot.

If you like this idea,  pass it on.

What's Next?


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Brutiful Grooves


This recording, Brutiful Grooves, was really exciting to me and seemed to have its own life and breath. This was the first time I was the producer, the artist and the engineer. I seemed to relax- maybe not into a better performance, but at least into the idea that I had all the time I needed to get it how I wanted, layer by layer. The result was a 3-song EP: tracks with layers of entertwining vocals, guitars, mandolins, whistling and a few house beats I wanted to experiment with.

 The first two songs are available for streaming only, but I hope people will download or order the whole album, right here on 7/17/14, the official release date.


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